5 Reasons He Stopped Calling You

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It happens to us all: a relationship is carrying on nicely until seemingly out-of-nowhere, your man has stopped calling. Rather than let yourself obsess over the details as you ask over and over, “Should I call him?” here are some of the top most common reasons a guy will stop pursuing a relationship. Avoid these fatal relationship mistakes; it will be easy for you to get him to call you in the future.

#1: Men assume that all women want to settle down.

As author, Ph.D. Warren Farrell points out, “After a few months, men often sense that the woman is interested in something more.” If a man stopped calling, he may feel that a relationship is moving past the casual stage. It comes down to his perception of losing freedom, whether it be to date other women or simply spend a night out with his friends, so you have a better chance of getting him to call you if you back off and make it clear that you’re content in an open relationship.

#2: You’re not “The One” for him.

If the frequency of your phone calls and exchanged text messages has been dwindling, think twice about calling a man. Even if the time is right for a man to commit to a relationship and think about marriage, it may be that you just aren’t his ”Ms. Right.” Think about how picky you are when it comes to looking for husband material, and consider the possibility that you didn’t meet his requirements or expectations for happily-ever-after. Eventually men do assess long-term compatibility with a woman, and if your values don’t align with his, this is a perfectly valid reason for him to have stopped calling.

#3: You’ve shortened the leash or become inflexible.

Think back to the first few weeks of your relationship. How accommodating were you back then if your boyfriend forgot to call or showed up late for a date? Do you still overlook these small missteps, or have you started pointing them out, nagging, or expressing your disappointment? While he was probably once attracted to your cool and easy-going demeanor, he is probably now sensing your frustration and looking for a polite way out of the relationship, and to do this he stopped calling. This is definitely one of those times that you should not call him. Your best bet is to keep busy and look for someone else.

#4: He no longer feels the thrill in chasing you.

Sometimes men are drawn to a particular relationship or woman because she’s a bit of a challenge. As soon as you let your guard down and stop making him work to get your attention, a date, or your time, he’s going to lose interest and that may be why he stopped calling. You can identify this type of man because he will constantly be trying to talk you into something that is just beyond your comfort zone. Take the warning signs into account before you consider calling a man like this.

#5: The comfort-line has been crossed/violated.

Over time, women tend to let their guard down in a relationship. You might think that you are just settling in and being “one of the guys” but your boyfriend probably perceives this as you becoming a little too comfortable. If you’ve begun dressing down for your dates and letting your conversations turn into venting sessions, it’s no wonder he has stopped calling! Keep the romance alive with a bit of mystery if you want to get him to call you.